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A Few of Our Distinguished Visitors

A Few of Our Distinguished Visitors

Prince Andrew S

Prince Andrew (Britain)

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, of the United Kingdom, made the first royal visit to the Lab in more than a decade.

Royalty pays visit to Laboratory
(DOC 61 KB)

President Clinton L

President Bill Clinton
1993 and 1998

President Bill Clinton paid two visits to Los Alamos during his eight years in office. The first trip came in May 1993; the second, in February 1998.

LANL Newsbulletin, May 21, 1993
(PDF 1.56 MB)

Remarks by the president to the workers and community of Los Alamos
(PDF 338 KB)

LANL Daily Newsbulletin, February 4, 1998
(DOC 153 KB)

Prince Felipe L

Prince Felipe de
Bourbon (Spain)

In September 1989, Felipe de Bourbon, Crown Prince of Spain, visited Los Alamos. The 21-year-old was the first member of nobility to tour the laboratory since King Baudouin of Belgium's 1959 visit.

Prince Felipe's Agenda
(PDF 32 KB)

Prince Felipe' Press Release
(PDF 68 KB)

VPresident Ford L

Vice President

Vice-President Gerald Ford paid a quick visit to the laboratory on the morning of July 12, 1974. Several other officials joined Ford, including New Mexico Congressmen Manuel Lujan, Jr. and Harold Runnels, as well as AEC Commissioners Dixy Lee Ray and William Kriegsman.

A Draft Press Release Announcing the Visit
(PDF 48 KB)

A Thank-You Note from the Vice President
(PDF 55 KB)

The Atom, July-August 1974
(PDF 3.26 MB)

VPresident Humphrey S

Vice President
Hubert Humphrey

On September 10, 1966, Vice-President Hubert Humphrey flew into Los Alamos for a short, three-hour visit. He toured several of the laboratory's facilities and attended a classified briefing on weapons research.

The Atom, October 1966
(PDF 3.21 MB)

President Kennedy S

President John F.
Kennedy 1962

On December 7, 1962, President John F. Kennedy visited the laboratory. Several additional dignitaries joined the president for his visit, including Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Clinton P. Anderson, AEC Chairman Glenn T. Seaborg, and Army Chief of Staff General Earl Wheeler.

LASL News, December 13, 1962
(PDF 5.45 MB)

LASL News, December 6, 1962
(PDF 3.11 MB)

Aga Khan S

Aga Khan IV
November 1959

Muslim spiritual leader Aga Khan IV visited the laboratory on Thanksgiving Day 1959. His trip to Los Alamos came as part of a nationwide tour aimed at raising money for a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

LASL Community News, December 3, 1959
(PDF 1.89 MB)

Aga Khan's Press Release.pdf
(PDF 45 KB)

Princess Sao Bo Noam S

Princess Sao Bo Noam
(Burma) Summer, 1959

In summer 1959, Los Alamos greeted Burmese Princess Sao Bo Noam as a permanent resident. Her husband, Joe Huffman, was hired by the laboratory to work in GMX-1, the non-destructive testing group. Before coming to Los Alamos, the princess served at Burmese embassies in Tokyo and Paris.

LASL Community News, September 24, 1959
(PDF 896 KB)

King Baudouin S

King Baudouin (Belgium)
May 1959

During the spring of 1959, Belgium's King Baudouin toured the United States. He visited the Los Alamos on May 22, touring several of the Laboratory's facilities.

LASL Community News, June 4, 1959
(PDF 1.89 MB)

King Baudouin's Press Release.pdf
(PDF 45 KB)

Queen Fredericka S

Queen Fredericka
and daughter
Princess Sophie (Greece)

In late November 1958, Greece's Queen Fredericka and daughter, Princess Sophie, visited the laboratory. They toured the Health Research Laboratory, the Physics Building and Project Sherwood facilities.

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